NELA 2016 Seminar: Summary Judgment: The Bad, The Ugly … And The Good!


2016 Seminar: Summary Judgment: The Bad, The Ugly . . . And The Good! (Download Only)

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Overcoming summary judgment remains the central battle in the struggle to find justice for employees who have faced unlawful treatment in the workplace. Motions for summary judgment are more likely to be filed and granted in employment cases than in any other type of civil case filed in federal court, and grants of summary judgment rarely are overturned on appeal. Despite dedicated efforts to enforce the well-settled rules governing summary judgment, our cases still can be derailed by adverse credibility inferences, the improper weighing of the evidence, and those oh-so-pernicious “problem doctrines,” so we must be prepared. Our accomplished faculty identify the tricks and traps to avoid, and provide you the tips and techniques you need to know to make your case summary judgment-proof!

  • Developing A Discovery Plan For Defeating Summary Judgment
  • Winning The Framing Fight At Summary Judgment: Pretexts, Motivating Factors & Convincing Mosaics
  • The Problem Doctrines
  • Attacking The “Honest Belief” & “Business Judgment” Defenses
  • Defeating Summary Judgment In ADA & FMLA CasesTo Move Or Not To Move: That Is The Question
  • A View From The Bench: The Judge’s Perspective On Summary Judgment
  • Overcoming Summary Judgment In Harassment & Hostile Work Environment Cases
  • Just The Facts On Creating Persuasive Fact Sections
  • Understanding The Art Of The Appeal In Summary Judgment Cases
  • Putting It All Together: Effective Written & Oral Summary Judgment Advocacy

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