2020 Annual Convention Manual (Download only)


2020 Annual Convention speaker materials in PDF format. Video not included.

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Plenary Sessions

  • The Impacts Of COVID-19 On Employment Law
    Moderator: Christine T. Elzer
    Speakers: Brian East & Rebecca G. Pontikes
  • Proving Damages In Employment Trials
    Moderator: James H. Kaster
    Speakers: J. Bernard Alexander, III & Alicia K. Haynes
  • Winning Discovery Strategies
    Moderator/Speaker: David E. Schlesinger
    Speakers: Diane S. King, The Honorable Robert A. Richardson & Chauniqua D. Young
  • The Year In Review: Significant Developments In Employment Law
    Moderator: Ashley O. Westby
    Speakers: Professor Eric Schnapper & Richard T. Seymour

Concurrent Sessions

  • Top Ten Trial Tips For Plaintiffs’ Employment Lawyers
    Moderator: Bruce A. Fredrickson
    Speakers: Hal K. Gillespie, Toni J. Jaramilla & M. Megan O’Malley
  • Ferreting Out & Exposing Implicit Bias From Intake To Trial
    Moderator/Speaker: Christopher R. Houk
    Speaker: The Honorable Bernice B. Donald
  • So, You Want To Represent A Federal Employee On An EEO Claim: EEOC Practice And Procedure Done Right
    Moderator: Doris J. Dabrowski
    Speakers: Michelle F. Bercovici, EEOC Supervisor Administrative Judge Allyson Jozwik & Ricardo Pitts-Wiley
  • The ABCs Of ESI
    Moderator: M. Nieves Bolanõs
    Speaker: Daniel S. Stromberg & Ariana J. Tadler
  • How To Do Good Work & Do Well
    Moderator: Joseph D. Garrison
    Speakers: Nicole Farber & David L. Lee
  • Discovery In Wage & Hour Cases
    Moderator: Rachel Geman
    Speakers: Summer H. Murshid & Rachhana T. Srey
  • Whistleblower Claims 101
    Moderator/Speaker: Clayton E. Wire
    Speakers: Ann Lugbill & Jordan A. Thomas
  • Focus Groups: Why You Need Them & How To Do Them On A Budget
    Moderator/Speaker: Brian P. Sanford
    Speakers: Amanda A. Farahany & David G. Webbert
  • The Ethics Of Interviewing Defendant’s Employees & Candor To The Court
    Moderator: Janet E. Wise
    Speakers: Ellen J. Messing
  • Unique Issues Facing Immigrant Workers
    Moderator: Julia Solorzano
    Speakers: Alia Al-Khatib, Liz M. Chacko & Arash Jahanian
  • Making The Most Of Arbitration
    Moderator: Gary E. Phelan
    Speakers: Sasha A. Carbone (AAA), Matthew C. Helland & Shannon Liss-Riordan
  • When To Use Experts In Employment Cases
    Moderator/Speaker: Paige Fiedler
    Speakers: Bruce C. Fox & Dwight Steward
  • Employee Benefits For Plaintiffs’ Employment Lawyers
    Moderator/Speaker: Denise M. Clark
    Speakers: Tybe A. Brett & Margo Hasselman Greenough
  • Cutting Edge Issues In Representing LGBTQ+ Workers
    Moderator: Katie R. Eyer
    Speakers: Joshua R. Goodbaum, Maureen T. Holland & Neelima Vanguri
  • Trial Strategies For Disability Cases
    Moderator: Michal B. Shinnar
    Speaker: Carolyn Koch
  • The Nuts & Bolts Of Litigating Sexual Harassment & Assault Cases
    Moderator: Nina T. Pirrotti
    Speakers: Lynne Bernabei, Kalpana Kotagal & Marc J. Siegel