NELA 2018 Seminar: Harnessing The #MeToo Momentum


NELA 2018 Seminar: Harnessing The #MeToo Momentum (Download Only)

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NELA’s 2018 Fall Seminar, Harnessing The #MeToo Momentum, takes holistic approach to understanding the challenges experienced by workers facing harassment and other unlawful workplace behavior, including analyzing the unique ways these challenges affect different sectors of the workforce. In doing so, we provide strategies and tactics that advocates can use to be more responsive to the needs of these workers, both in litigation and in society more broadly.

Topics Include:

  • The Nuts & Bolts Of Litigating Harassment & Hostile Work Environment Claims
  • Practical Considerations When Representing Clients In Harassment Cases
  • Using The Law Creatively To Find Justice For Workers Facing Harassment
  • Meeting The Special Needs Of Clients Who Have Experienced Trauma
  • The Role Of Mediation In Resolving Workplace Harassment Claims
  • Effectively Challenging Discrimination & Harassment In A Post-Epic Systems World
  • Understanding The Increasingly Important Role Of Non-Litigation Tools To Address Toxic Workplaces & Industries
  • Disproportionate Vulnerability To Harassment: Exploring Issues Of Women In Non-Traditional Professions & Low-Wage Workers
  • Harassment Rarely Occurs In Isolation: Representing Clients Who Have Multiple, Intersecting Claims
  • How Legislation & Public Policy Can Be Used To Address Workplace Harassment

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