2019 Seminar: Protecting Wages In Litigation & Arbitration


2019 Seminar Manual: Protecting Wages In Litigation & Arbitration (Download Only)

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The landscape for protecting workers in wage and hour cases is ever-evolving. Epic Advocacy: Protecting Wages In Litigation & Arbitration covers the hottest wage and hour topics, with a focus on arbitration issues.


  • Key Cases & Shifting Grounds in The FLSA
  • Understanding & Preparing To Address Unique And Current Defenses Including Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Arbitration Administrators Hear From NELA Lawyers On The Challenges They Face In Arbitration
  • All Hope Is Not Lost: Post-Epic Systems Litigation Strategies!
  • Wage & Hour Litigation Basics
  • Arbitration Case Law Update: Contract Formation & Unconscionability
  • Top Ten Practical ESI Pointers For Wage & Hour Lawyers
  • Independent Contractors: Day Rates, “Salary” Guarantees, And Employee Status
  • Calculating Damages: Views From An Expert And Lawyers
  • Effectively Managing, Litigating, And Trying Individual Arbitrations
  • Cooperating And Collaborating With Other Plaintiffs’ Counsel In Wage And Hour Cases
  • Representing Low-Wage & Immigrant Workers