NELA 2018 ESI & Technology Seminar Manual


2018 Seminar Manual: ESI & Technology For The Plaintiffs’ Employment Lawyer (Download Only)

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Electronically Stored Information (ESI) encompasses an ever-expanding array of material stored on computers and other digital devices. As digital communications—whether written, audio, or video—have become the norm in the workplace, achieving a just resolution for employees who have been treated unlawfully increasingly depends on our ability to identify, acquire, and deploy ESI in all of its various forms. ESI & Technology For The Plaintiffs’ Employment Lawyer examines all things ESI from the employee rights advocate’s perspective, and give you the tools you need to uncover the evidence that could make the difference between winning and losing your next case.

  • Electronically-Stored Information (ESI): What It Is & Why You Need It
  • Hot Topics & Recent Developments In ESI Law
  • ESI & The Rule 26 Conference: Everything You Need To Know
  • ESI Protocols: Setting The Table For E-Discovery
  • Clicking, Snapping, Chatting & Posting: Social Media Discovery
  • A View From The Bench: The Judges’ Perspective On E-Discovery
  • Preserving, Collecting & Producing ESI From Your Client
  • Making The Most Of ESI: Now That You’ve Got It, Here’s How You Work With It
  • Working Productively With The Other Side To Get What You Need
  • Ethical Considerations Implicated By ESI
  • Using Technology To Deploy Evidence Persuasively At Trial
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