NELA 2017 Trial Boot Camp


2017 Trial Boot Camp Manual (Download Only)

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Trial Boot Camp features interactive demonstrations and presentations on successful techniques and strategies for trying employment cases, as well as mock proceedings designed to mimic the rigorous pace and schedule of trial. Topics covered include opening statements, closing arguments, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, the rules of evidence, jury selection, and more.

The Opening Statement: Setting The Stage For Your Client’s Story

J. Bernard Alexander, III & James H. Kaster 
Plaintiff’s counsel sets the tone and shapes the jury’s perception of the case from the beginning. Discover how to use your first five sentences to introduce your theme that will resonate with the jury. Learn how to establish credibility with the jury if your client is unlikeable or there is damaging character evidence and shift the jury’s focus to the bad conduct of the defendant. Explore how to diffuse defendant’s exculpatory evidence at the outset and use demonstrative aids and technology during an opening statement.

Direct Examination

R. Scott Oswald & Cynthia Forman Wilkinson 
Learn how to motivate and captivate the jury using a lively direct examination to tell the story and prove your case. Our speakers will discuss all aspects of effective direct examination from strategy and credibility issues to offers of proof and preserving objections to protect your record on appeal. They will review and demonstrate how to admit an exhibit into evidence and respond to evidentiary objections.

Trial Practice Pointers

Carla D. Brown & Paige Fiedler
This session will focus on what to do before the first day of trial, so that you are fully prepared to try your case the morning trial begins. Panelists will offer general pre-trial practice tips, including topics such as motions in limine, introduction of exhibits, jury instructions, and a trial prep checklist—to name just a few.

The Art Of Examining Adverse Witnesses & Cross Examination

Jerome J. Dobson & Brooke Timmer
Seasoned trial lawyers will explore the fundamentals, strategies, and techniques of cross examination. Tools for obtaining crucial testimony from different types of witnesses, including corporate representatives and experts, will be discussed.

Closing Arguments: Making Your Final Pitch To The Jury

Alicia K. Haynes & Darold W. Killmer 
Closing argument is the last chance to persuade the jury to find for the plaintiff and finish on a high note. Trial experts will share strategies and tactics for retrieving and knitting the key facts and important evidence into a compelling story. They will demonstrate closing argument techniques for liability and damages, including when and how to address the issue of damages.