NELA 2015 Seminar: Representing Workers With Wage & Hour Claims Manual


2015 Seminar: Protecting Pay: Representing Workers With Wage & Hour Claims (Download Only)

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Protecting Pay: Representing Workers With Wage & Hour Claims will examine cutting-edge developments in this dynamic field and provide practical tips and strategies to help you navigate the maze of regulatory, procedural, and substantive laws facing your clients whether you are enforcing their rights in court or arbitration. Our speakers from the bench, bar, and key government agencies will examine a wide range of topics, such as litigating claims on behalf of low-wage workers, the use of technology and experts, effective case settlement, defenses du jour, the evolving definition of “employee,” handling hybrid cases, and ethical issues. Plenary sessions will feature significant legal developments, a conversation with the Solicitor of Labor, arbitrating wage and hour actions, and “A View From The Bench” with esteemed federal judges. Interactive roundtable box lunch discussions will offer seminar participants an opportunity to share their own strategies and tips on representing employees with wage and hour claims and to ask questions in informal discussion groups led by experienced practitioner-facilitators.

Significant Legal Developments

  • A Conversation With The Solicitor Of Labor
  • Hear From The Arbitration Providers
  • Litigating Hybrid Cases With An Eye Towards Trial
  • Trying Wage & Hour Cases Of All Sizes—Big And Small
  • Litigating Claims On Behalf Of Low-Wage Workers In Individual & Multi-Plaintiff Cases
  • A View From The Bench
  • Facing Arbitration—Arbitration Process & Strategies
  • Using Technology In Litigating Wage & Hour Cases
  • Using Experts
  • Locating And Ethically Communicating With Putative Collective & Class Members
  • Defenses Du Jour
  • The Evolving Definition Of “Employee”
  • Settling Wage & Hour Cases Effectively

Table of Contents

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