Paul H. Tobias Tribute

Nareeya Nalivka

Paul would always stop by the Products table at the Convention and ask who I am, I would introduce myself and every time, he would start singing “Maria, Maria” from the West Side Story. He would do this every year and I would laugh every time (because it’s not my name and Paul Tobias is singing to me.) Then he would pick up a T-shirt to look at the design for that year, and let me know what he thought of it. 

I love that annual routine, and his humor, kindness, and enthusiasm to be at the Annual Convention and see his people. You know we do a lot of people watching at the Convention, and just seeing him interact with other NELA members, you know he appreciated everyone and that they are all his friends and colleagues. 

I will always cherish sharing a laugh with Paul every year at the Products table.