Paul H. Tobias Tribute

Joseph D. Garrision

Everything already said about Paul is so true and I was happy to be with him and NELA almost from the very beginning. I’m fortunate to be able to add something new. I was lucky to play tennis with Paul a few times. Unfortunately for me he never wanted to play doubles; he was a very good singles player. Over the course of time, I was victorious in one set, when we played on a grass court at La Quinta. Paul immediately switched us to the clay courts where, at least with me, he was unbeatable. But even though he was quite competitive, he played with joy, good humor and excellent sportsmanship. If the ball I hit was close to the line, he would call it in. The only thing he wouldn’t do was give me a handicap of a couple of points a game. His tennis play mirrored everything else he did in his life and for me it is just one of my fond memories of being with him. He leaves a wonderful legacy.