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June 24–27, 2020
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Demystifying The Deposition Process: Advice For New(er) Lawyers On Effectively Taking & Defending Depositions, NELA 2018 Annual Convention
Published by National Employment Lawyers Association

Depositions are often portrayed as the lynchpin of a successful case: the way to secure that “smoking gun” evidence that will establish liability, bring a defendant to the settlement table, or definitively defeat summary judgment. Placing such high stakes on depositions leaves many newer lawyers feeling intimidated about their ability to live up to the hype, especially if their first few experiences in a deposition don’t yield any case-altering admissions from the other side. This panel—intended for newer lawyers and lawyers new to plaintiffs’ employment law—will take a hands-on, step-by-step approach intended to pull depositions off their pedestal and into the real world. Beginning with a description of how to prepare for a deposition, the panel will also walk through some questioning techniques, how to deal with speaking objections and other obstructionist tactics from opposing counsel, and special considerations for expert and 30(b)(6) depositions. Although the majority of the panel will focus on taking depositions, it will also provide some tips on defending depositions, including preparation of witnesses and how (and whether) to rehabilitate a witness who gives problematic testimony at a deposition.

This course has been approved in CA, OK, VT and IL. Please see your state's MCLE site for more information or to find out if attorneys may earn credit through reciprocity or self-submission.

E.E. Keenan
E.E. Keenan searches for innovative legal strategies that will bring victory for employees and the organizations that fight for them. E.E. graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. At Harvard Law, E.E. served as President of the...More
Heather Newsom Leonard
Heather Newsom Leonard is consistently recognized as one of the top employment lawyers in Alabama and has been handling employment law matters since 1998. She has been ranked as one of the Top 25 female attorneys as well as one of the Top 50 overall...More
Originally Published
June 29, 2018

Program Titles and Supporting Materials
This program contains the following components:
  1. Demystifying The Deposition Process - Audio
  2. Demystifying The Deposition Process - Paper

How To Attend
Join the self-paced program from your office, home, or hotel room using a computer and high speed internet connection. You may start and stop the program at your convenience, continue where you left off, and review supporting materials as often as you like. Please note: Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser. We recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari for best results.

Technical Requirements
You may access this course on a computer or mobile device with high speed internet (iPhones require iOS 10 or higher). Recommended browsers are Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If applicable, you may obtain credit in multiple jurisdictions simultaneously for this program (see pending/approved list below). If electing credit for this program, registrants in jurisdictions not listed below will receive a Certificate of Completion that may or may not meet credit requirements in other jurisdictions. Where applicable, credit will be only awarded to a paid registrant completing all the requirements of the program as determined by the selected accreditation authority.

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