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Paul J. Lukas is a partner in the law firm of Nichols Kaster, PLLP of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having tried nearly fifty cases, Mr. Lukas is a trial veteran with proven results. Early in his career, Mr. Lukas tried a wide variety of criminal cases, including the nationally renowned State v. Porter case. Winning that case at the Minnesota Supreme Court, Mr. Lukas helped set the standard for prosecutorial misconduct in criminal cases. After honing his trial skills in the criminal arena, Mr. Lukas focused his practice on employment litigation, obtaining favorable verdicts for employees in overtime, age, race, national origin, sex discrimination, sex harassment, whistleblower, sexual assault, retaliation, and minority shareholder cases. As a member of the Nichols Kaster National Class and Collective Action Litigation Team, Mr. Lukas currently litigates wage and hour and consumer class and collective actions. He has represented thousands of employees and consumers in these practice areas. Mr. Lukas’ energy and charisma have made him a nationally recognized lecturer on topics such as wage and hour law, employment law, and civil litigation strategies.

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