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Laurence S. Kaye received his undergraduate degree from Haverford College and from the University of Strasbourg, France. He attended graduate school in theater at Tulane University where he studied for his Master in Fine Arts in Theater Directing. Deciding that theater would make better avocation than vocation, Mr. Kaye attended the Washington College of Law, where he graduated in 1991, after being a finalist in the National Moot Court Competition. His moot court career put him in front of some big whigs in the legal field, who never hesitate to remind Larry of the importance of understanding civil procedure. Despite being a Democrat, Mr. Kaye has a fondness for Kenneth Starr, who saved him in the crucial round of one competition by giving him a classic softball question. Mr. Kaye practices at The Kaye Law Firm in Maryland. He devotes a portion of his practice to consulting with other lawyers assisting them in improving their stage presence and enhancing the theatricality of their courtroom work. When not hunkered down responding to summary judgment motions, Mr. Kaye is a professional underwater photographer and is writing a musical, "The Tapioca Miracle," with Cleveland playwright Eric Coble. He has been described by one former opponent as sand in the underwear during litigation, and revels in the title.

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