Litigating Wage & Hour Cases: Challenges & Opportunities
March 31–April 1, 2017
Sheraton Silver Spring Hotel
Silver Spring, MD

Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association
MWELA Trial Boot Camp - Members Only
April 20–21, 2017
Washington, DC

California Employment Lawyers Association
13th Annual Advanced Wage & Hour Seminar
May 12, 2017
Hilton Glendale
Glendale, CA

NELA/NY Full Day Spring Employment Law CLE
May 12, 2017
Yale Club of New York City
New York, NY

Be The Change
NELA 2017 Annual Convention

June 21–24, 2017
San Antonio
Marriott Rivercenter
San Antonio, TX

Florida NELA 2017 Labor Day Conference
September 1–2, 2017
The Don Cesar Resort
St. Petersburg Beach, FL

2017 Trial Boot Camp
October 12–14, 2017
Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL

California Employment Lawyers Association
30th Annual Employment Law Conference
October 20–21, 2017
(Skills Seminar on October 19)
Oakland Marriott City Center
Oakland, CA

-- 2018 --

NELA 2018 Annual Convention
June 27–30, 2018
Chicago Hilton
Chicago, IL


NELA advocates for independent and fair-minded federal judges who are committed to equal justice under law for all Americans, and who do not place the interests of employers over the rights of employees. NELA takes an active role in assessing candidates nominated to federal judgeships as well as individuals interested in becoming candidates for such vacancies. NELA screens potential judicial nominees, ensuring they are faithful to the progress made on civil rights and individual liberties, and possess a demonstrated record of respect for justice and equality in the workplace.

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Judicial Nominations News

Special Report - Judicial Hostility To Workers' Rights: The Case For Professional Diversity On The Federal Bench

Articles and commentary addressing the need for judicial diversity have typically focused on racial, ethnic, and gender diversity. "Judicial Hostility To Workers' Rights: The Case For Professional Diversity On The Federal Bench," targets another type of diversity that is equally as important and sorely lacking on the federal bench – professional diversity. We define professional diversity to include lawyers who have had experience representing individuals in labor, employment, or civil rights cases, as a legal services or public interest lawyer, or defending the rights of the most disenfranchised members of our society. The federal judiciary remains overwhelmingly homogenous in terms of professional diversity, and consists of those who were prosecutors, corporate lawyers, state court judges (and, for appellate judges, federal district court judges), and law professors.

Preserving the credibility of the federal judiciary requires taking concrete steps to level the playing field for all litigants that come before our nation's courts. Achieving this requires embracing a federal bench that better reflects the professional diversity of attorneys across the country. Overlooking qualified candidates whose professional experience includes representing plaintiffs in employment, labor, and civil rights cases inevitably reinforces the image of a judiciary that is indifferent to the plight of America's workers. As discussed in this report, the lack of professional diversity has contributed to the increasing judicial hostility workers face in employment cases and the deleterious effect on plaintiffs' access to the courts to vindicate their rights. We urge the Obama Administration to stay true to its promise of making judicial nominations a priority and to continue its efforts to nominate individuals with professionally diverse backgrounds.

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Advocating For A Fair And Diverse Judiciary

If you would like more information about becoming a federal judicial candidate, are a candidate for a federal judicial vacancy who would like to be endorsed by NELA, or know someone who NELA should consider endorsing, please contact Matt Koski, NELA Program Director,


Matt Koski
NELA Program Director
(415) 296-7629, ext. 103

Laura M. Flegel
Legislative & Public Policy Director
(202) 898-2880, ext. 115

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Judicial Nominations Committee

Wade B. Cowan (TN)
M. Megan O'Malley (IL)

Circuit Representatives

1st Circuit
Inga Bernstein (MA)

2nd Circuit
Claudia A. Reis (NJ)
Darnley D. Stewart (NY)

3rd Circuit
William H. Ewing (PA)

4th Circuit
Walt Auvil (WV)

Geraldine Sumter (NC)

5th Circuit
Katherine L. Butler (TX)

J. Arthur Smith, III (LA)

6th Circuit
Wade B. Cowan (TN)

Frederick M. Gittes (OH)

7th Circuit
M. Megan O'Malley (IL)
Rebecca L. Salawdeh (WI)

8th Circuit
Leslie L. Lienneman (MN)
Bryan O’Neill (IA)

9th Circuit
Beth Creighton (OR)

Carol Gillam (Southern CA)
Andrew P. Lee (Northern CA)

10th Circuit
Mark Hammons, Sr. (OK)

Diane S. King (CO)

11th Circuit
Matthew C. Billips (GA)
Alicia K. Haynes (AL)
Neil L. Henrichsen (FL)
John D. Saxon (AL)

DC Circuit
David R. Cashdan (DC)

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At-Large Member
Patricia A. Barasch (NJ)

Barry D. Roseman (CO)

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