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William R. Tamayo was appointed in 1995 as the Regional Attorney for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, San Francisco District. He currently directs the Commission’s litigation and legal program in Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana. From 1979-1995 he was a staff attorney and the Managing Attorney for the Asian Law Caucus, Inc. of San Francisco. During his tenure as Regional Attorney, the EEOC San Francisco District has obtained significant settlements including among others, Arnett & EEOC v. California Public Employee Retirement System ($250 million for disabled public safety officers); EEOC v. Wal-Mart ($3.25 million for disabled workers denied jobs because of disabilities); and a nearly $1 million jury verdict for a farmworker who was raped by her supervisor and retaliated against, EEOC v. Harris Farms. His publications include, inter alia, “The EEOC and Immigrant Workers”, 44 U. San Fran. L.R. 253 (Fall 2009), “The Role of the EEOC in Protecting the Civil Rights of Farm Workers”, 33 UC Davis L.R. 1075 (2000), “When the ‘Coloreds’ Are neither Black nor Citizens: The U.S. Civil Rights Movement and Global Migration”, 2 Asian L. Jour. 1 (1995), and “The Effects of Immigration Status on Employment Litigation After Hoffman Plastics Compound” (National Employment Lawyers Association, 2008).

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