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Charles E. Guerrier has practiced employment law since 1972. From 1972 until 1983 he was associated with Women’s Law Fund, Inc., a not-for profit public interest litigation group funded primarily by the Ford Foundation and the EEOC, where he served both as a Staff Attorney and Executive Director. In this position he developed and litigated precedent setting gender discrimination cases in the areas of employment, government benefits and education. He also served on President Carter’s Advisory Committee for Women from 1979 through 1980. He joined the EEOC in 1983 and during his tenure served in various capacities, including as a Senior Lead Trial Attorney and as a Regional Attorney, until his retirement in 2012. While with the EEOC he was responsible for directing trial teams litigating cases across the country, including cases in Ohio, Minnesota, Washington, and California. Mr. Guerrier also served as an adjunct professor of law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law for 25 years. He taught courses on sex discrimination, employment and discrimination law, and law reform. His retirement came to an abrupt end in July, 2012, when he became Of Counsel to the firm of Haynes & Haynes, LLC, in Birmingham, Alabama. He is admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of Ohio, the Supreme Court of Alabama, and the Supreme Court of the United States.

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