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Jennifer J. Rosenbaum is the Legal Director for the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice (“NOWCRJ”), a workers’ center formed to combat labor and civil rights abuses in the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. NOWCRJ is dedicated to organizing day laborers, guestworkers, and homeless and formerly homeless New Orleans residents across race and industry to build power for workers and communities and to build a grassroots movement for dignity and rights in the post-Katrina landscape. NOWCRJ has worked with grassroots labor and community leaders to expose rampant labor trafficking and involuntary servitude within the guestworker program, to defend against retaliation, criminalization, and immigration enforcement actions on day labor corners, and to stand against corruption and discriminatory policies that block access to housing, fairness and safety in evacuations, and the right to return. As legal director, Ms. Rosenbaum works closely with grassroots labor leaders and organizers to defend the right to organize for workers and build strong worker lead organizations. She represents workers in labor and employment, immigration, and civil rights cases in federal, state, and immigration courts and federal administrative agencies.

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Combating Retaliation In Wage & Hour Cases, From NELA's 2013 Program Preventing Wage Theft: A Two-Day Guide To Litigating Cases Involving Wages, Hours & Work
Published by National Employment Lawyers Association
Credit: CA, OK, SC, VT, WV
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