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Sonia Chopra, Ph.D., is a senior trial consultant with the National Jury Project. With a doctoral degree in psychology and law and a passion for research, she applies current social science theory to a wide variety of legal issues. In her work as a consultant, she designs, implements and analyzes focus groups and trial simulations for a wide variety of cases, and assists attorneys in case analysis, case preparation and jury selection. She is highly skilled in examining and appraising potential juror bias through community attitude surveys, media content analysis, and voir dire. Dr. Chopra also has extensive experience working with both trial attorneys and witnesses on their communication and persuasion skills, and she has interviewed hundreds of jurors following verdicts. Throughout her career, Dr. Chopra has conducted experimental research and presented numerous papers on juror comprehension of judicial instructions, juror stress, juror attitudes and decision making, the jury deliberation process, and methodological issues with simulation research. She has served on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Trial Consultants, is the Associate Editor of the trial manual "Jurywork: Systematic Techniques," and is also a member of the American Psychology and Law Society. Dr. Chopra regularly speaks at local, state, and national law organization meetings, and is also a frequently invited news commentator.

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