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Michael L. Foreman joined the Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law in July 2008 to direct the new Civil Rights Appellate Clinic and teach an advanced employment discrimination course. The clinic has already served as counsel on two briefs filed with the United States Supreme Court in employment cases. He was also selected by Harvard Law School to serve as a 2008-2009 Wasserstein Fellow that recognizes dedicated service in the public interest. He has handled employment matters through all phases of their processing from the administrative filing, at trial, and through appeal, including in several cases before the United States Supreme Court. He is a frequent speaker on employment discrimination and civil rights topics and has testified before the EEOC and the House Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions. Some of his other work can be seen in Michigan Proposal 2006-02’s Effect on Public Institutions’ Ability to Strive for Racial Diversity, submitted to the State of Michigan February 7, 2007 and in The Continuing Relevance of Race Conscious Remedies and Programs in Integrating the Nation’s Workforce, Hofstra Labor & Employment Law Journal., Volume 22, No.1, pps. 81-113 (Fall 2004). He has dedicated the bulk of his professional career to eradicating discrimination in the workplace. In addition to the above work, Michael has received the Jesse S. Heiges Distinguished Alumnus Award from Shippensburg University and has been awarded the Carnegie Medal for Outstanding Heroism.

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